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Just like humans live on this planet Earth, Cryptoons live on the planet Cryptoonia.

Some Cryptoons wear glasses, some have rainbow coloured hairs, some wear weird earrings, some even dress-up themselves as video game characters(from video games here on Earth which is weird cuz how in the h*ll they know about such games in first place), but we all can agree that they look super cool and cute.

Cryptoons is a NFT collection of 5000 Cryptoon avatars of Cryptoons that we discovered on planet Cryptoonia. With over 3 millions of combinations of their fashion styles, they are waiting to be friends with you.

Buy a Cryptoon now and get rewards for lifetime.

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A Peaceful world located on the edge of Solana Blockchain, On Cryptoonia, Cryptoons regularly work on their jobs. But mostly in their free time, they are known to explore the world and do fun activities in The Park. You are one of them and you live in a suburban household near The City.

Cryptoon will be your identity on Cryptoonia.  You along with your Cryptoon will make Cryptoonia an amazing place to explore and live.


In development by Clancy Studios, Cryptoonia is the future of gaming in the decentralized world with fun adventure simulation gameplay style where you can play solo adventures or join your friends in party adventures.

Cryptoonia is a free to play game. Cryptoon avatar holders will get all the accesories that their Cryptoon avatars have.

Your Cryptoon starts from their basement where they have a computer system and objects to interact with. You control customizable Cryptoon as they pursue daily goals and attend daily chores. All Cryptoons live in a suburban household near The City.

Cryptoons must maintain balanced budgets and try to make a steady income by attending their jobs. You can choose a job for your Cryptoon of your liking. You can make them artist, teacher, influencer and much more to choose from in future updates. Within the game, Cryptoons can be put on idle work condition which means Cryptoons will be put into liquidity pool to obtain staking rewards.

There will be a single player story mode campaign  based on adventures of Cryptoonia where you will get to explore and get indulge in numerous free games and activities.

Cryptoonia’s financial system will depend on ToonCoin (A token currency that will be launched on Solana blockchain). Using ToonCoin, you can purchase accessories and items to boost your Cryptoon to work efficiently. On Cryptoonia you can even purchase lands and start your own business.

The game will payback original NFT buyers with a revenue-sharing model. Buy a Cryptoon now and get rewards for lifetime.

There will be In-game exclusive content for the Elite NFTs holders.

We will be releasing game Demo soon.


Cryptoon avatars will be available to mint on Solana blockchain or can be traded from other owners from Magic Eden.

All accessories on your Minted Cryptoon avatar will be sent to your wardrobe. You can access your wardrobe by connecting your wallet to the game.

When community liquid pools  will be available, avatar holders can stake and earn rewards and $ToonCoin(A decentralised token on Solana blockchain) or sell your Cryptoon avatar directly to the pool.

Cryptoons do listen very carefully and will take you very seriously. You will love being friends with them. Together you will explore adventures and wonders of Cryptoonia.

Holders can also participate in the community to help drive these Cryptoons towards their better future.

$ToonCoin is the governance token for Cryptoons and Clancy Studio’s products which will eventually allow holders to vote on key balance changes and new features of the game. The token will be based on the Solana blockchain and there will be fixed supply of 10 billion tokens.


The supply of origin Cryptoons will be limited to 5,000 and each Cryptoon will be unique and ranked based on the rarity of their attribute traits. The categories that your Cryptoon could fall into are as follows:

Your Cryptoon can then be traded on secondary markets like Magic Eden, with each transaction incurring a 1% royalty fee (in addition to any fees charged by the secondary market). In addition to our to-be-released in-house marketplace within the game, Cryptoon are tradeable on all major secondary market platforms such as Magic Eden, Solanart, Digital Eyes, SolSea and Solshop.


  • Pre-sale of 100 Cryptoons on 27th Feb 2022. Minting link will be provided on Discord.
  • Public sale – TBA


Cryptoons are from a decentralised world named Cryptoonia that exists on Solana blockchain. Cryptoon avatars are collection of unique NFTs running on blockchain and stored on IPFS.

We are using Solana blockchain to host our tokenomics and game.

The data will be saved in IPFS which helps us to make Cryptoonia available universally in all platforms.

Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. It’s a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade.

Download the Phantom extension for Google Chrome. Buy SOL on an exchange like Binance,Huobi etc, and send it to your Phantom Wallet. Connect your Phantom Wallet to the website by clicking “Wallet Connect”. Then click “Mint a Cryptoon” on our website and approve the transaction on Phantom. The minted Cryptoon’s transaction will be visible in your wallet.

Minting will be announced on our Discord group. We will be giving away free Cryptoon avatars to our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist.

Yes, join our Discord to learn more about how to be whitelisted program.

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Here at Clancy Studios (famous for our world-wildly accepted game Trap Dungeons 2), we are very excited to share our next big adventure universe named “Cryptoonia” to the world.

With our over a decade long experience developing video games and designing digital art, we are destined to develop one of the biggest metaverse gaming experience out there.

Our team strongly believes in transparency and honesty. We welcome all ideas and suggestions for the project, and are always looking to add talented people to the team. Join our discord for more info. Check our reddit page for exciting posts.

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